Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Making one of my wishes come true.

Today i just went out and bought all the stuff i will need to learn how to knit.

I decided on making a prayer shawl for my first project. We shall see how I do. I will try and document my progress as i go. This is a picture of all the stuff i just bought.

A prayer shawl is something that one actually prays over before, during and after the knitting process. When the recipient receives the shawl and wears it they are surrounded in prayer.

When choosing the color for a shawl i found that each color actually has a meaning.

Color and Meaning

Red - Energy, strength, power, determination, love , courage

Pink - Joy, friendship, femininity

Brown - Stability, masculinity

Orange - Happiness, success, encouragement, endurance

Gold - Illumination, wisdom

Yellow - Cheerfulness, energy, joy, confidence

Green - Healing, harmony, safety, hope, protection, peace

Blue - Stability, trust, loyalty, faith, truth, tranquility

Purple - Wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery

White - Goodness, purity, innocence, faith, safety, light

The color I chose for my first project is plum. (Purple)

My Shawl is going to be for a close friend of mine who is dealing with a lot of confusion, and change in her life right now. Her husband has been put in a home and has Alzheimer's. He is in the end stages.

She needs the wisdom to deal with this situation, and is needing to learn how to live on her own independently after many years of being married. That is why I chose the color purple for my prayer shawl.

I had a hard time choosing between red or purple, but since she is partial to purple it was a deciding factor. Hopefully it will be a shawl of not only warmth and comfort for her, but one of love and hope.


Denise said...

Oh I love that ,,, I love love that... If I were there I could teach you to knit in about two hours... I have taught several ladies to knit and it is easy ,,,,, You will do good girl friend!!!!!!! AND I am going to go and get me the same thing and make me one...... do you have the pattern? I can do that and make some for some blog friends!!!!!! and if you have any questions about knitting please ask... I learned to knit in England in 1965.. Whew!!!!!! it is a wonder that I still remember....


MYSTI said...

Hi Denise :)

I sent you an email giving you different sites for the shawls, and also told you the book i bought from Michaels. I just love this project to. Thank you for the offer. I will let ya know if i need help.

Hugs and blessings!

Mimi said...

that is a wonderful you happen to have the website for patterns...
I love to knit..and the idea of a prayer shawl is perfect...
Hugs to you,
buy yourself a learn how book...and you will be kniting in no time...that's how I learned to knit..and I also learned different stitches in crochet that way...
good luck my friend...

Kuan Gung said...

Great choice!

MYSTI said...

Thank you mimi. If you go to Debbie Macombers web page she has all kinds of free patterns, and also recipes to boot! She loves to knit, and has a wonderful kit also that you can purchase. I just love her site. :) here is the site for the free pattern in making the prayer shawl.

If you go to Knitters club she offers more shawl patterns. I hope you enjoy! Thank you so much for your encouragement and advice.

MYSTI said...

Ty Kuan. I hope you have a blessed day.

'Tart said...

I never knew what the different colors meant. I am so excited for you to learn knitting! I hope it will be a life-long joy for you.

MYSTI said...

I didn't either Tart, until i bought the prayer shawl book. That helped me tremendously decide on a color for my first shawl, and i am sure the shawls after. It also said that one can just pick the color of the persons birthstone if having trouble picking a color. I am also sure that any color a person decides to make a shawl for another would be fine. Anything covered in prayer is the point. Hugs

Mokihana said...

You will love learning to knit! In my Bible study group, we are always working on prayer lap robes for people going through chemo. Knitting is healing for knitter and recipient alike.

Tracy said...

Hi Mokihana, thank you for visiting my blog. :)

I am finding that i do very much like to knit, once i figured out how to do, I had to teach myself, and now i am on a roll!