Saturday, May 24, 2008

Waking this morning I walked to my coffee maker to pour myself a cup of coffee. With warm cup in hand, yawning, stretching and trying to wake up, the lovely aroma of coffee hit my senses. I took my first sip savoring the richness of the flavor, thinking there is nothing better then that first sip of coffee first thing in the morning. I was soon to be proven wrong. Enjoying my coffee, and the quiet of the morning I walked over and pulled open the blinds in the great room. As the blinds were pulled back from our sliding glass door, a glorious image appeared in front of my eyes leaving me in awe as I stood there and looked at the glorious painting that only God could produce.

My spirit instantly awakened and danced with joy at seeing this sunrise. I was wrong, something could be better then that first wonderful sip of coffee. God just proved it. The simple beauty of a sunrise can awaken the soul instantly.

I then thought I wish i could share with all I love the beauty outside my door. It dawned on me I could capture it with a picture. I sat down my coffee and went in search of something to take a picture with. I tried to hurry before the sunrise was lost to the day. The only camera close to me right then was my phone camera.

I tried to capture all the vivid pinks and rose colors. I wanted a picture that showed how the sunrise hit the water, making it shine with color, but being a phone cam it could only do so much. It however captured some of the beauty I was seeing.

To all my friends out there all over the world, may your spirit dance with joy at the next sunrise you see.

Hugs and Blessings to all, may your weekend be a memorable one, filled with little moments like i just had.


Denise said...

Beautiful........ I think that the Lord just wanted to say goodmorning!!!!!! What a sweet way to do that........... He loves you..........

A splash of color, shadows and tints........ shades of red and yellow and purple........with the hint of blue and a dash of pink..... halo's behind the tress with a promise of the day... all to say Good morning Mysti!!!!!!

'Tart said...

That is lovely.:) Good morning to you Mysti!

MYSTI said...

Denise i felt exactly that. The Lord was expressing his love , his joy and wishing me a Good morning!

Tart Good Morning! I hope both of you are having a beautiful weekend.

Irene said...

Sunrise and sunset - my two favorite times of day. =)

That was a lovely post, Mysti! Take care!

Awake In Rochester said...

That's beautiful! What a lovely sight to wake up to.