Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spiritual Energy Painting

This is a painting I did in class. I had an image in my mind for a painting. One of a lone tree at night with lightening in the background, and rain in the air. Something where one feels all the elements when looking at the painting. Earth, air, fire, and water. As is prone to happen in my painting class, my Instructor had another idea in his mind. He tends to want to guide me to his thoughts and ideas instead of mine. In the end i took his idea and turned it into something all my own. This painting is very surreal. At first I did not like it mainly because it was a pink tree. Now however i do. It is different, and unique. The painting has a lot of meaning. It spoke to me of new growth, of energy, and light.

Please share your thoughts and opinion on this painting. I am always interested in hearing what others think of my work.

I am going to do the painting I had in mind to begin with, that is my next project.



'Tart said...

It's beautiful! Because the tree is pink it makes me think the lighting for it is coming from the bottom, like little spotlights on the ground. It's wonderful that you create like this. Hugs to you!:) Tart

MYSTI said...

Oh i am so glad you like it! The tree does appear lit up. Its funny how i grumbled and complained deep down in doing something that was not my idea. When he said i really should paint the tree pink i was stunned. I thought hmmmmmmm PINK???? well he wanted neon pink lol. I could not do that. He was right though pink made the tree light up, especially since the back ground colors were so dark. :) Thank you for your comment Tart, it means a lot to me.

S'onnie said...

Its a fabulous painting. I love trees and the photos and paintings I have up are mostly of trees.

Irene said...

I love it, Mysti! You truly have a God-given talent for art. Keep sharing your beautiful works with us! =)

Mimi said...

It almost makes me feel like I am in a fairyland forest...and a knight should be riding up to rescue the princess!!
I love it!!!

jumpinginpuddles said...

we soo like this painting the klight the energy we sat for ages looking at it


sorry we havent been around lately but we are now trying to find more spaces in our day to get to all of our blogging freinds thankyou for your support and patience.

jumpinginpuddles said...

we ahve doen a new blog what are your thoughts on it mysti

MYSTI said...

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. I truly do appreciate hearing what others think of my art. :) I love painting, and love knowing that my work is enjoyed by others.

J.D. Scorpio said...

Hey Mysti:
The painting is great, just great, and I can hardly wait to see yours, the one with just Mysti in it… *S*
My two brothers and sister are artist’s, My youngest brother won two first’s and a second in parish, (that’s in Louisiana, there are no counties there) fair with an oil painting of my grandfather when he was about 14 years old I think. At about the same time he also did an oil painting of the Doctor that delivered the 4 of us. That picture hangs in the foyer of the hospital in Columbia. I don’t know what happened to me…?
And thanks for your visit and comment……. Have a great day…… JD

MYSTI said...

How awesome that you have so much talent in your family JD! Your talent is probably just as special. I found that there is an unknown artist in every soul. :) Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.

Blessings, and have a wonderful day!

Jo said...

Very nice job. To look at stirs a lot of deep memories for me. So if that was what you were wanting to accomplish with this painting I would say you hit it right on. What medium did you use to paint this.... oils or acrylics?

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Deb said...

I love how the roots flow from the bottom of the painting upward.

Mike Golch said...

Mysti,I like your painting.Keep up good work.

MYSTI said...

Hi Jo, I paint with both depending on my mood and where i am. Oil paints take a long time to dry, so i only use them at home. I have tried painting with oils in other places, and lol about ruined my car when i was transporting the painting home. A car pulled out in front of me and i had to make a very fast stop! My oil painting went flying. lol thankfully i was able to eventually get the paint out of my car. :) Acrylics dry so quickly i have become spoiled. So i tend to use them. However Oils i find have a more vivid color when the painting is finished. So I enjoy painting with oils. I also found that you can fix mistakes with oils, where as acrylics dry so fast no way you can remove the paint. :)
Thank you for dropping by my blog and commenting. :)

Thank you Deb and Mike for your comments. It warms my heart knowing that my art is appreciated.


Katt said...

HI Mysti:
Thanks for visiting my blog. sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.
I love this painting, its awsome and it makes me feel peaceful. If we are going to share what we think when we see it, the scripture about the tree planted by the waters shall not be moved. That comes to my mind.
It has strong roots and while it is white... the pink is like life flowing into it, like ...well like the color coming back to someone thats been ill.
Just my thoughts... but I love the painting... very good work.

MYSTI said...

Hi Katt,

Thank you so much for your comment! You are spot on. Amazing how you saw exactly what i was thinking while painting the tree. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you have a blessed weekend! Hugs!