Thursday, June 12, 2008

A couple of weeks ago I posted on my side bar 20 wishes. I am in awe that once I actually wrote down a wish how it has opened my eyes to how badly I really wanted to make that wish come true.

I found that once they are written, it motivates you to start accomplishing them. It opens your eyes to the reality of the wish and puts perspective on life in general.

I have started making several of my wishes come true. It has totally motivated me, and has added a sense of purpose to my life. When going over my wish list I discovered that there are only a few wishes that I have not started working on.
I thought I would share with you all the wishes I am working on and how I am making them come true.

In accomplishing these wishes, it has added more confidence in myself. Seeing them come true has given me strength, purpose, and happiness.

1. Have my very own exhibit in a gallery show casing my paintings.

I have increased the amount of time I spend on painting. I have started treating my painting time as something of importance. Seeing it as a potential income, as well as a joy. When i paint I have so much fun, time starts flying, and before i know it I have spent hours painting and not focusing on my pain so much. It has helped to change my attitude. I am currently changing this wish to selling my work on line, and not so much as putting them in a gallery.

2. Go to Ireland with my husband ( my husband and I always wanted to have a honeymoon.)

Hubby and I have decided that we are going to remarry on our 20th wedding anniversary! We think taking a honeymoon to Ireland would be perfect.

3. Learn how to knit. ( I want to start knitting prayer shawls, for those i love.)

I have been slowly but surly teaching myself to knit. I think I am making great progress in this area.

5. Sell pastries to the local businesses in my area
This dream I am going to let go for now. I have come to the realization that even though I know I am good at baking, its not a practical wish. I do not have the physical ability to accomplish this goal. Nor am I sure I really want to now. I have been thinking long and hard about this. I love baking, but I think I love painting more. So I am going to paint....

6. Laugh just for the joy of laughing

Since writing down this wish, I have come to the realization I now laugh more. So the wish is happening. Is it because I wrote it down? Who knows! I just know that I am glad i am laughing more in my day.

11. Expand my painting ability. Learn to paint the human form.
This has been a focus. I have been pushing myself in techniques, and focusing on challenging my skills. I have not tackled the human form yet, but will be doing this very soon.

13. Continue to have a deeper relationship with the Lord.

This is a lifetime goal. Will continues to be my goal until the day i take my last breath. I do know that I am accomplishing my goals because of that very closeness i have with God.

14. Become lead free, and overcome my health issues

I have been working on this for some time. We shall see if it worked soon!

19. To spend more time with my family in California. (To travel or have them come visit me. )

Working on this. I am not sure how its going to happen, but I want to see my family soon.


Jo said...

Some very good goals and I hope you are able to accomplish them. The main thing is to not set unreachable goals. I think you are doing great with the ones you have set for yourself.

jhave a wonderful day.

'Tart said...

Isn't it so true that when you write your goals down they become so much more clear and attainable!

Or clear that they must change to fit your needs.

There is so much confidence and happiness in this post, direction as well. Congratulations on all of it!

Hopefulsl said...

Hi Sis!
I agree with every body else. Maybe i
should do a wish list myself, but i think you and i both know what my biggest wish would be???? Until then,
i will have to sit back and deal with everything else....
But i do have to say that I'm glad that you are succeeding with your wishes. It's a good feeling huh?
I hope you and your boys had a good time at the movies?
Love you all very much.
Stacy,hopefulsl, and Aunt Stacy...kisses & huggs

Mike Golch said...

I enjoy reading your blog it reminds me of what is important,some times I need it and some times I for it and go off on a tangent as I did today.

keepers said...

we want to visit Ireland so bad, our nana was from ireland, county Cork. JM wants to take me but so far we have not had the money for a trip like that, maybe someday. We hope you get to go!

peace and blessings


Tracy said...

Thank you Jo :) I am trying to keep reasonable goals, and wishes. :)

Tart :) I had no idea that simply writing down my goals would help me obtain them! If i had i would have done so years ago!!!! When they are there staring at you everyday you begin to want to make them happen! Things became so much clearer for me.
Hugs!!!!! Blessings sent your way...

Sis i know what your wish would be, and i know someday that wish will come true! Just keep praying and keeping faith. In the mean time why not write some wishes down? It brought a confidence and positiveness to me. I am betting it will you to. huggs you!

I am glad my blog could bring a bit of comfort to you mike. I am headed over to read your blog now! :) hugs

Keepers I hope that your wish comes true. I think that would be an awesome wish made true~


Deb said...

I agree. Writing or seeing things concretely has a way of helping to make them real. So great that you are making wishes realities.

Mimi said...

I am so happy for you that your wishes are slowly but surely coming true...I seems to have help you stay focused on them by writing them all down...
keep up the good work with your painting...

Spring said...

Your wishes are very inspiring to read! I want to make myself a list too now. :)