Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday's "Simple Woman's Daybook"

Outside my Window... Dragonflies buzzing, bees are busy looking for flowers, a light breeze, on a hot summer day.

I am thinking... About my knitting project. I had to go out and buy another roll of yarn, because one of my roll's got all knotted up and i could not get the knots out! laughing.... I am trying to figure out how one adds the next roll of yarn to ones knitting project.... hmmm need to find that out soon.

I am thankful for... A day with out pain. I am feeling wonderful at the moment!

From the kitchen... Chicken and portabello mushroom sausages, a salad of greens, and sweet potatoes.

I am creating... A new painting. I am going to try a new technique called glazing. I will show the first stages of my painting soon!

I am going... To relax a little before my sons end up being out of school for the summer.

I am wearing.. Shorts, and a teeshirt. It is in the 90s today.

I am reading... A Woman and her God by: Beth Moore

I am hoping... To work on another web page soon. One that will display my paintings so i can sell them on line.

I am hearing... My son on the phone talking way to loudly, my dog barking at a cat outside our window, and our other son playing music....My house is total chaos.... lol

Around the house... My rose bushes given to me for mothers day are blooming! I have three beautiful roses! Yayyyy

One of my favorite things...Is taking a long luxurious lavender scented bath at the end of the day.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Running back and forth between my sons schools. Both have received academic achievement awards in various subjects. The school have set up an award ceremonies at both schools.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... My knitting project. This is the scarf I am trying to make. I am about half way through the first roll of yarn. The scarf takes four rolls of yarn. (I will be busy for sometime knitting this.) I decided to make the scarf using the pearl stitch. Next project I will practice using the knit stitch.


'Tart said...

Like I said to you "Your knitting looks Beautiful! So tight, (better than what I am working on right now,)and the color is lovely!"

Also, in case you forget - you are awesome! - A mom, a wife, a painter, a baker, a 'maltese mama' and wonderful friend, a survivor of daily pain, a sweetheart and excellent example of a follower of Christ, and sooooo much more.
Love and hugs,

Tracy said...

Awwwwww ty sweet Tart! You are pretty wonderful also .


hopefulsl said...

Hey Sis!
I love what you have already done, and the color too.
I wish I could do something as well, let alone find the time!!!!
Someday my life will be more relaxing.(as I breath heavy typing the last saying) But with a smile at that.
I love and miss you very much!
Lots of Love.... hopefulsl... Your Sis Stacy kiss,hug

Tracy said...

Stacy, you will get the time one of these days to relax , breath, and do something just for you. In the mean time know that I have been praying for you and yours. You have been and are in my prayers sis. Love you lots! Hugs an blessings sent your way. kisses and hugs to!

Mimi said...

I love the color of your scarf! and you are doing very well with the pearl stitch...someone will love to wear it when it gets cold!!!

Tracy said...

Thanks Mimi! :)

Denise said...

Hey girl,,,,,,, what a precious comment left on my blog..... thank you..... I feel that in the days we are living I am compeled to write about the grace that saved me... Not with works least any man should boast but by the power of the Holy Spirit we are brought into the kingdom of God...

Now knitting... When you finish on skein of thread and start another, always start at the beginning of a row.. never in the middle... Just pick up the new thread and begin to knit with it .. a few rows latter you can go back and tie the two together and tighten it up... that way the knot is in the seam or on the outside edge instead of in the middle of your work...

You are doing sooooooooooo good..

blessings to you today my sister...

Denise said...

hey...p.s. if you use all pearl stitich and then use all knit stitch it will look very much the same........ but if you use one knit stitch row and then one pearl stitch row you will have stocking stitch.... and it will look very nice .. and one side will be smooth and the other side will look like the scarf you now have.... :) just a short lesson..

keepers said...

We really like your new look here on your blog and thank you for sharing with us a little of how you felt and what you were doing today, lets us get to know you just a little bit more and it is a pleasure to know you.

peace and blessings


Tracy said...

Denise thank you so much for sharing how to add the new roll of yarn! Yayyy... Ty also for letting me know the extra knitting basics. :) Hugs and blessings sent your way!

Keepers ty so much, I am glad you like my knew look. :) Hugs and blessings...

the clanberries said...

wis jis sain helo to pepls who don min litls sain helo on teir blog an wes nos yus no mins
sendin bubls yur was

hopefulsl said...

Hey Sis.
Lets see if this will work?
lots of love, Stacy xxooxx

Hopefulsl said...

Hi Sis.
I,ll try again...
Love You

Tracy said...

Glad to see you posting clanberries! I am glad you know and feel safe enough to post here. Hugs and blessing to you Littles.

Tracy said...

Yayyyyyyy we see your profile pic now Hopefulsl!