Saturday, June 14, 2008

This week a theme is emerging. One that I would like to share here on my blog. The theme has been "longing". A longing to find purpose, a longing to find hope, and a longing to find something missing in a persons life. From personal experience's that longing we all are searching for is "love" I think it all comes down to that very thing. Purpose, hope, yearning all comes down to a need to be loved.

Every time I turned around this week whether it be through a friend, a family member, a stranger, or even through myself, longing has been something we are all craving. I think we are born with longing. From the first breath we take we long for something. Our mothers arms, to be fed, to be loved. For that matter we long within the womb to be born. So we long from the first moment of conception.

I feel God has been with me from the very time of my conception. I have at times felt alone, and not felt his presence. Those are the times I have wondered "why I had to go through so many different hardships through my life time, and asked myself why did i not feel God then with me". Why could I not hear him?

I have been on a journey my entire life to find the desires of my heart. What most people who are on this same journey forget is that one needs to be walking that journey not alone but with God.

When in prayer this morning I prayed that the Lord would show me exactly what he wanted me to see. Once again he answered. It always amazes me that he actually hears me. I feel humbled each time because i am no one special living amoung many who have done greater things then I that is for sure. Yet he hears me and answers me. Normally through the word he does this, or through another study plan i am doing. Sometimes though he just quietly talks to me telling me that I am never alone.

Today a few things were shown to me. The book Romans in my bible came to my mind. Before I share this with you all I would like you to know something. And that is that I am just now finding my way to reading the bible fully. I have never read the bible enough in my life time to know verses from heart, or to even for that matter tell you this topic is in this book or chapter, or that topic is in that book and chapter. This is one reason I am amazed when God guides me to a certain part of the bible that discusses exactly what I have been praying on.

In Romans Chapter 8 It talks about the spirit. The whole chapter spoke to me and a few of the verses yelled to me. :) I highly recommend anyone who is feeling that they are longing for something to read this book in the bible.

There are times in the lives of all God's children when we are called on to suffer. In Romans 5:3-4 that "suffering produces perseverance; perseverance produces character; character brings us hope." While believers are sustained in their suffering by hope, we also are sustained in our weakness in the most special way of all:

The Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God's will. (Romans 8:26-27)

God himself, who dwells within us in the person of the Holy Spirit, intercedes for us in our weakness. "The Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words can not express." He answers those longings even when we do not have the words, and feel a loss of exactly what we are longing for or needing.

God gave us those desires of our heart in order to draw us close to Him; we were created to be in an eternally secure love relationship with God.

Many may think, I really don't want these deep longings. I'm angry that I have the desire to be loved. Life would be so much simpler if I just didn't feel that way. However I know through my readings that the desire to belong is part of us, part of our soul. It is not something to push away but to allow the Spirit of God to draw closer with in each of us. To allow him to full fill those longings of the heart. To allow him the relationship we were always meant to have. A relationship with him.


Mary said...

I agree with you. I had a longing to be loved my whole life while I was growing up and I never really got it. I don't ever remember my parents say "I love you" ever. But thank God I have a wonderful husband who tells me that all the time...My memories are not good ones, as you can see in my blog. oh and thanks for dropping by my blog...take care..Mary

Tracy said...

Mary your blog is lovely. I have enjoyed reading your poems. I am glad you were able to relate with my post. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. :)

Mary said...

Thank you tracy for stopping by my blog, I will be back...have a great weekend..Mary

Hopefulsl said...

Well I'm not sure how to respond to this! But i do understand how you feel about the bible.
I too can say that i have not read the whole bible, but yet when i decide to pick it up and ask God to lead me to what i should read, He always takes me to the part that fits my needs. Now that Gods work !!!
It amazes me every time.....
Anyway, I do love what you wrote Sis.
I hope you have a nice Weekend also!
Love ya lots (Stacy - Sis - hopefulsl) kisses & huggs!!!

Mike Golch said...

I really do not know what to say here.I have felt longing.I was blessed by God with my Celestine,my friend lover ans most of all my Wife of 28 years.

That's my stoyr and I' gonna stick to it.

Tracy said...

:) I do not think one really needs to have the words to respond to this post. I put it out there because I knew that people have a deep longing for something they are not sure what they are longing for or reaching for. In my opinion that longing is simply one thing, and was put there on purpose. It is the longing to know God, to want to reach out and be one with God. To have a relationship with the Lord.

Hugs and blessings Stacy and Mike.

Clueless said...

Maybe, the reason that you are unable to memorize or know verses and books is because then it shows you even more that God is speaking to you. I've been a Christian since 1981 and active the whole time and in leadership, teaching, etc. But, I'm terrible at memorizing verses. Some people just have difficulty doing is how God wired their brain, not a statement of their relationship. If you do plan to read all the way through, I highly recommend that you use a Bible in a year one. I like the chronological ones because it flows well and is easier to stick to. They usually also give you background about the specific book. I also like the New Living Translation which is actually a translation and not a paraphrase like the old one titled similarly. It is written in more contemporary lose some of the meaning, but it is a nice way to read through.

Okay, there you have it...unsolicited suggestions!!!!

Take care...longing is a good thing. Imagine life without it.

Anonymous said...

Tracy,I have come to make a confession to you and the readers of your blog.I made a really bad transgression on my blog over something really stupid. I wrote a followup blog where I spoke of makeing amends.I did something that was long over do I started reading my Big Book from A.A. Right away I saw that I had to do a new blog entry and I did.I even put back the links that I took down.I even emailed a bunch of people about the need to make amends that I did. I hope that you have a great day.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Beautiful artwork. Thank you for sharing. I love your blog..

Mimi said...

Tracy, this is a beautiful insightful post...and it explains the longing we have for love very well...
Only God can provide the eternal love and fulfill that longing...
thanks for posting this,

Tracy said...

Clueless , we will keep that in mind. Very good advice. Ty for sharing.

Mike big times hugs. It shows the kind of man you are. Your dad should be proud!

Ty songbird, and welcome to my blog. I hope you come back! Blessings.

Mimi ty. I am glad you understood what i was saying. I had a feeling you would! hugs and blessings.