Friday, June 27, 2008

A quick update for all those who read my blog.

I have been very busy this week. In fact so busy that I am totally exhausted.

Hubby is taking the week off from work next week. We plan on taking full advantage of this time since both boys are away. We have not had a week off to spend on just the two of us in about 17 years! I am looking forward to this time with him. I love him deepy and I feel this is exactly the kind of rest I need. I am planning on enjoying our time together strengthening our relationship and marriage.

On a side note, I have some exciting news to share.

I am in the process of working on a new adventure! I have decided to have a web page made so I can display and sell my paintings. Thanks to a wonderful friend of mine, he has agreed to build me this web site. :) I feel that God is guiding me in this adventure, and it is time to make a go of selling my work.

I am now trying to figure out prices on all my work, as well as how to go about finding a company that can copy my paintings as well as put my work on special items. I have been trying to plan out exactly what I want to sell on this site. I am thinking of selling a limited number of copies on each painting, as well as having copies made in various sizes. I need to decide on whether the prints should be on canvas, poster paper or even both. I would like to make prints on other items such as coffee cups and calenders, post cards, mouse pads, ect, i think you get the picture... I need to decide on how many copies i should make, what number i should limit the copies to. Of course on paintings not already sold or promised to other's the original will also be for sale. I have been slowly asking those who have bought a painting from me if i can make limited copies on their painting.

I would love to hear any ideas that my blogger friends have on the kinds of items you think might sell or if you were the buyer, what would you like to see sold? :) All ideas and thoughts are truly appreciated.

If any of you know of a good printing company please drop me a note at

I am going to name my business "Spiritual Brush Strokes" Paintings by Tracy Jo.

This new adventure is very exciting for me, and I can hardly wait to get it all up and running!

That is about all that is happening in my life, as you can see I am keeping busy.

On top of all this, I have been very worried about my twin sister and her son. I have a prayer request for them both.

Things have gotten worse, and she needs all the prayers we can give her. Please pray that God will open all the doors needed for my sister and her son. Please pray that God will guide her to the right people, people who can help, and keep her son safe. I do not want to go into details, because that is for my sister to write about when she is ready, but I will say that this situation is very serious, and heartbreaking for everyone involved. Please pray that she will have the strength, courage, health, love and grace needed to deal with this situation.

Hugs and blessings sent to you all. I will write in my blog and make my blogger rounds to catch up on all of my friends blogs as soon as I come up for air and am able. Know though I care, and will do my best to make the rounds soon!


Anonymous said...

Tracy,I'm glad to hear that you and your BH will be able to spend some time together.
Big Time Hugs and God's blessing headed to you from my homee to your home.That's my storyand I'm sticking to it.

Mary said...

Tracy: I am so happy for you. You deserve so much to have some time with your hubby. That is fantastic what you are about to embark on with your paintings, I love your paintings so much. Thanks for the comment on my blog...take care...Mary

Denise said...

You just have a great week with your Husband.... that is the perfect rest that you need..... and I am excited for you on the web site..... I will watch for it to open.... I just had one designed for me for my projects..Mine is Sew The Word and it is primitive dolls and stitcheries and pillows and misc. soooooooooo we are both busy ladies... I have an older brother that is an artist and he has prints made all the time.. I will find out how and where he does that........ I am not sure if I have ever sent you to his web page but it is

I built his web site for him about a year ago and I change it now and then for him.......... Blessings to you in your endevor and I pray that God will bless it over and above what you can even imagine! You have a lot of good ideas as to where to put your art work so just go with your inner voice...He will lead you in the right direction..

Also, I will pray for your sister and I will pray that the God that we serve will give her wisdom in the situtation and peace as she goes through these times.......


Denise said...

P.S. While you are enjoying your time with hubby, do not forget Fox News!!!!!!! WE have to be kept informed without the spin! hahahha

Tracy said...

Mike Mary and Denise, thank you so much for your prayers. Ty for all the support you have shown not onlyy myself, but for my sister.

Denise, I love your brothers website! You did a spectacular job!

I am never to busy to watch fox news! lol

Tamara said...


Yay for you and your new website. What a wonderful and exciting idea. I think all of the things you mentioned would sell. Oh, I am so happy for you!

Have a great, relaxing time with your husband.

Best wishes in your new endeavor,

Tracy said...

Thank you so much Tamara! :) Please look above and help vote which paintings i should sell first. Grinning

Hugs and blessings sent your way!