Thursday, June 5, 2008

I have a new Blog Name! Thank you to all my friends here on blogger and off for helping me decide on a new title for my blog


This new blog name reflects the lady I have become. I also have changed my online name from Mysti, to Tracy. Mysti was a great name for who I was in the past but I have grown and have healed enough to see a change was needed. I have decided ot use my real name, because my faith in who I am is stronger. I now know that I am walking down a path filled with light, and am no longer in Myst.

Thank you to all my friends for all the encouragement, for the support you have given me, and for helping me to continue my walk in light and faith.

Blessings and hugs sent your way.


Clueless said...

Hi Tracy and welcome!!!! Spiritual Brush Strokes sounds great...thank you for your support, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy!
You keep on with that faith, I,m very proud of you.
Love your angel's at the begining of your blog!
Very nice.....
Love hopefulsl.

Jo said...

What a beautiful new title for your blog. I am playing catch up this week and it seems as if the harder I try the further behind I get.

Have a blessed weekend.

Tracy said...

Clueless, Glad you like the name change. :) and you are very welcome.

Hopefulsl, I am so glad you like the change! Means a lot to me knowing you do. I also loved the angels, do they remind you of anyone? lol whos who...... haha i think tj is on left with feathers in place, and sl is on left with feathers ruffled. Laughing!

Jo Glad you came for a visit and like my page! I understand about the getting behind in things deal.

Blessings and hugs!

'Tart said...

I love it!:)

Tracy said...

Laughing, Ty Tart!

Mimi said...

Love the new name!!!
and I continue to pray for you as you continue in your Christian growth

Tracy said...
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Tracy said...

I am so glad you like the name Mimi. Ty also for the prayers.


Awake In Rochester said...

When you left a comment on my blog I didn't know who you were. I'm glad that I clicked on your name, and found out that your my cyber friend.

I'm glad that you have grow in a positive direction. It's nice that you feel more comfortable. Tracy is a pretty name.

Since I have been stalked in the past, and am "out" in my blog, I hope that you will understand if I don't do the same. But, I understand that this is display of growth for you, and am glad for you. :o)

Tracy said...

Hi Awake! Yes i totally understand. I to have been stalked in the past. This was a huge step for me. However i felt because of my paintings anyway, people would know my name. I sign my work as Tracy Jo. So the name was already out there, since i post my work here on my blog and a few other places.

hugs and blessings!