Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Picture taken by me while out visiting with friends.

Things have been rather crazy at my house the last few days. I haven't had the time or energy to write in my blog or even check up on all my blogger friends! Know i will do so soon.

Here is what has been happening in my world.

Hubby and I have been getting both my sons ready for summer trips.

My eldest son was one of twelve kids chosen to participate in a month long mentoring program at Nasa. He left on Sunday very excited, although he also left a very nervous mom when he went. It is an awesome program, and well supervised, so I really should have no worries, but I am a mom, what can I say? Its what we do. :) He got settled in fine, and found out that he is working on a top secret program, making him feel rather special. His mentor has given him a ton of work already to do. He called me last night letting me know how very thrilled he is and how very busy his Mentor has kept him. Grins.

My other son is leaving this coming Sunday for the Bahamas. He is going with the boy scouts and will be learning to scuba dive in one of the prettiest places on earth! I am so jealous, I want to gooooo. Laughing... I am anxious about this trip also, being he will be out of the country, and if something should happen I am so far away! I have been trying not to allow fear to rule our lives, and trying not to hold on to tight to either son. Both sons are excited about their trips and being away from home. I am sure it will be a wonderful experience for them.

I have been running around being a mom, and trying to keep myself busy so i do not worry or stress to much regarding both sons. I have been spending time with a good friend who lives close by. We have taken advantage of the beautiful weather and gone on walks, appreciating the beauty around us. We saw this gorgeous area today where we have decided is the perfect place to paint. Hopefully the weather next week will permit us to bring all our painting stuff with us so we can sit outside and do exactly that.

I haven't had much time to work on my latest painting, but am hoping to do so next week. I have been studying butterflies, so hopefully the ones i add to the painting will look more real. I have never painted butterflies before so it is a challenge for me.

I also am starting a new art class on Saturday. It is a drawing class, working with pencils. I am so very excited about this class, because I have been really wanting to learn the techniques of basic lines and shading. I know that this class is going to help me expand my painting ability, and give my paintings a more complete look. I can hardly wait for the class to begin. The class is two hours long on Saturdays all summer long.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I will start showing the progress on my latest painting as soon as I have time to work on it!

Hugs and blessings.


'Tart said...

That is a beautiful photo! It looks so 4th of July complete with all the colors!

Understandable, Understandable! All the business of your days. And sounds like you are doing wonderful things this summer. So glad you are doing things for yourself, too, like the class and painting.

It will all calm down sometime and I just know you'll be checking up on your blogs and I hope to talk to you soon.

mjgolch said...

Tracy,That is a nice photo.colors are always good to[ecially after the drab (colorless)of winter.

Hopefulsl said...

Hey Sis!

Tart is right, that is a beautiful picture. And i too am glad to see that you are taking another class.
I hope you will enjoy it. By the way, you need to take some of your own advise!! Talking about your boys, you tell me not to worry, and that everything will be okay. Not easy is it? GIGGLE,GIGGLE.
Anyway, just don't stress out okay..
Love ya lots,Sis,xoxo

Tracy said...

Hi Tart!

I thought the same thing about the flowers when i was taking the picture. Very American indeed. :) Hugssss and ty for the support, you know it means lots.

Mike grins, glad you liked the pic. Hugs and many blessings sent your way.

Sis Glad you loved the pic to. :) Yes i am trying to take my own advice... lol not so easy i know. I never thought it was easy, but..... i do know we have choices, we can worry and make ourselves sick, or we can hand it all over to God and let him keep our sons safe. I think i will leave them in Gods hands. :) Grins.. Love ya lots, and talk with you soon!

Tamara said...

Sounds like your son's are going to have a wonderful summer! Try to relax and enjoy your art class.

The photo is beautiful. Makes me want to go out for a walk. ;-)

Take care,

Tracy said...

Hi Tamara, I know they will. I am just so thankful that they are able to do these things! Glad you enjoyed the photo. :)

Mary said...

What a great photo...I love butterflies, and don't worry too much about your sons, I know it's hard not too, I still worry and mine are 30 and 27. It sounds like they are well supervised, enjoy your art class, relax, kick up your heels and enjoy your quiet time. Can't wait for the painting to be finished..take care..Mary

Wanda's Wings said...

It sounds like both of your boys are going to have great adventures. I think you will love the drawing class . It is fun to do work in pencils. Just the basics can be so beautiful. Enjoy!

jumpinginpuddles said...

wow such business and we we also like the poppies

Denise said...

Beautiful picture..... Looks like a post card.....

Your week sounds pretty busy..... kind of like mine...... Whew,,,,, we need a rest.....

Mom is fine tonight,,,,,,, but i am not sure about me......


Mimi said...

how exciting for both of your sons to be able to take a trip that interest each of them...
don't worry mom...they are in God's Hands, and He will care for them better than if they were with you...
enjoy your painting day with your friend...

keepers said...

what a beautiful picture! maybe we will see some of these flowers in a future painting? we hope you enjoy the class, bet you learn all kinds of neat techniques and tips! having your kids out of town, no out of country!! yikes!! mom hormones kicking in for sure!

it will all be fine, sending you hugs


Tracy said...

Thank you to all those who have commented the last few days. I have read them and truly appreciate them all. Yes I do plan on painting this picture keepers! :) I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Hugs and many blessings.